When we gather for worship, we connect with believers everywhere.

When we study the Bible and pray, we are drawn more deeply into God’s own saving story.

When we serve others and address social issues that affect the common good, we live out our Christian faith.


Church Services:

Worship Schedule


5:00 PM Worship Service


10:15 AM Worship

Upcoming Events:

Holy Week Schedule

April 18th 6:30pm
Maunday Thursday Service

April 19th 6:30pm
Good Friday Service


April 21st - Easter Sunday

9am Easter Potluck Bruch

10:15am Easter Worship Servivce

Please note there will not be an early service.

More information on all of these events and more read our Church Newsletter.

St. James DVD

Church Service on DVD. If you had been listening to the radio service of St. James Lutheran Church for years, you may have noticed that we are no longer on the radio. Instead we have been making DVD's of the church services each Sunday, and copies of the services have been distributed to friends and members who would like one. We are currently only recording the Sunday worship services, but recordings can also be made of special services as well. If you would like to have a copy of the services, please let Ann in the church office know, and it can be provided.


St. James Lutheran Church


Whether you are a new member or just visiting, we want to let you know how excited we are in having you here. Our web site contains helpful information about the varied ministries and programs of St. James Lutheran Church.

St. James membership is comprised of individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds. We faithfully preach and teach the living word of God to help you further develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Then, we nurture Christian lives by meeting spiritual needs and make disciples through our witness. We are, by the grace of God, the St. James Lutheran Church.

Please consider yourself an important part of the St. James Church family. Here you will find a church in which you will be welcomed, greeted, loved, and cared for, in the name of Jesus the Risen Savior. There is a very special place for you at St. James, and if you haven't already, we hope you will consider making St. James your church home.


Bring on the Trip - April 2019

Three kids, a dog, two tents, two kayaks and blue water below us with blue sky above us. We loved to camp when our daughters were young. We would load our kayaks with all of our clothes and gear and way too much food and more than enough coffee. Kayak camping encourages “excess baggage” since the hull of the boat is spacious. We played a game called, “Bring of the Trip”. Which single item will prove to be the most useful, enjoyable or essential to the camping experience? The contest continued every day of the adventure. The “Bring of the Trip” might be a particularly fun game, a comfy sweatshirt, a beloved book or a cozy blanket – anything that brings them an unexpected measure of joy on the journey.

Each week during our Lenten journey toward morning, we have been singing a beautiful song from our hymnbook called, “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me”. This song is a spiritual, intended to be sung with a heart full of passion and conviction.

“I want Jesus to walk with me. I want Jesus to walk with me; all along my pilgrim journey, Lord, I want Jesus to walk with me.

In my trials, Lord, walk with me. In my trials, Lord, walk with me; when my heart is almost breaking, Lord, I want Jesus to walk with me. When I'm in trouble, Lord, walk with me.

When I'm in trouble, Lord, walk with me; when my head is bowed in sorrow, Lord, I want Jesus to walk with me.”

My “Bring of the Trip” during Lent has been this hymn. The tune is stuck in my head (in a good way) as we make our pilgrim journey toward morning. It is unexpectedly comforting to sing together with my church family about trials, broken hearts, troubles and sorrows during Lent! Perhaps I need the reminder that I do not journey alone: we are in this kayak together, my friends!

What is your “Bring of the Trip” this Lent? Maybe it is the midweek Lenten soup suppers – yum. Perhaps there is a special psalm that brings you comfort in the night. Do you love the coffee time on Sunday mornings? Maybe your “Bring of the Trip” is a friend that knows just when you need a word of encouragement or an offer of prayer. Look for the unexpected joy that filters into your days as we move toward morning.

April will be a month brimming with opportunities to be together in community at St. James. Our mid-week Lenten Soup Supper and worship services continue each Wednesday. The kid's choir will sing on Palm Sunday. Check the announcements in this newsletter for special worship services during Holy Week. Easter Sunday is on April 21. I'm already hungry for the legendary St. James Easter potluck breakfast!

Through it all, I think I'll be humming the same tune: “I want Jesus to walk with me.”

Vicar Kari Webb


Church Notes:

Prayer Breakfast

Please join us for the Annual Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, April 13 at 9:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited, including men, women, and children. Vicar Webb will share a brief devotional, “Rise Up Rooted, Like Trees”. We will enjoy good food and a warm friendship. You'll be glad you came!



The last day of class for iPraise students Kindergarten through grade 3 is May 1, and the last day for grades 4 through 6 is May 15.


Sign up for Bible Camp!

Lutherans Outdoors has a number of camps in South Dakota where your child can have a wonderful experience, but time is running out to get a cheaper rate to go to Bible camp this summer. If you register for camp by April 15, you will pay $525 rather than the regular rate of $575. If your child is interested in going to camp, there are scholarships available through the church to help pay their way. Each child applying for a scholarship through the church must fill out a form and give it to a church council member. At the next church council meeting, a decision will be made as to how much money the council will give each child wishing to attend Bible camp. Contact Ann in the office for more information about the scholarships. For more information about the various camps available, check out www.losd.org.



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