When we gather for worship, we connect with believers everywhere.

When we study the Bible and pray, we are drawn more deeply into God’s own saving story.

When we serve others and address social issues that affect the common good, we live out our Christian faith.


Church Services:



5:00 PM Worship Service


9:00 AM Worship Service
Summer Schedule

Upcoming Events:

August 8th - 6pm
Church Council Picnic

September 8th & 9th
Fall Retreat at Outlaw Ranch

September 10th - 3:30-5:00pm
iPraise begins

September 17th
New Member Sunday

October 22nd
Centennial Celebration

October 29th


More information on all of these events and more read our Church Newsletter.

St. James DVD

Church Service on DVD. If you had been listening to the radio service of St. James Lutheran Church for years, you may have noticed that we are no longer on the radio. Instead we have been making DVD's of the church services each Sunday, and copies of the services have been distributed to friends and members who would like one. We are currently only recording the Sunday worship services, but recordings can also be made of special services as well. If you would like to have a copy of the services, please let Ann in the church office know, and it can be provided.


St. James Lutheran Church


Whether you are a new member or just visiting, we want to let you know how excited we are in having you here. Our web site contains helpful information about the varied ministries and programs of St. James Lutheran Church.

St. James membership is comprised of individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds. We faithfully preach and teach the living word of God to help you further develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Then, we nurture Christian lives by meeting spiritual needs and make disciples through our witness. We are, by the grace of God, the St. James Lutheran Church.

Please consider yourself an important part of the St. James Church family. Here you will find a church in which you will be welcomed, greeted, loved, and cared for, in the name of Jesus the Risen Savior. There is a very special place for you at St. James, and if you haven't already, we hope you will consider making St. James your church home.


Pastor's Ponderings


First, thank you to St. James ELCA and to Patti Aurand for making it possible for me to have two weeks of rest. I am writing this on July 31. Exactly one year ago this afternoon, we gathered to celebrate the ministry of and bid fare-thee-well to Reverend Jeff Otterman. I wonder if the past year has gone as rapidly for Jeff and Yankton's Trinity ELCA as it has for us. The average search for a settled pastor takes between 18 and 24 months. You are at least half way there! There are good things happening here. There is much more to be done as we continue to grow in vitality, in fellowship, and in mission.

“Ham and eggs,” “macaroni and cheese,” “church and mission.” There are some word pairings that are so closely associated that they form their own dual entity. I am continually amazed at both the ELCA commitment to mission, and the way that the missions are conducted, locally and nationally. This commitment is expressed succinctly by the ELCA national motto: God's Work. Our Hands.

I would like to give a “shout out” to one ELCA mission here in western South Dakota. That is the Canyon Hills Center – LSS in Spearfish. This is a 30-bed residential treatment for youth ages 10-17. These are youth who cannot live at home and who do not belong in prison. Prisons are punitive in nature.

Canyon Hills is committed to restorative treatment of youth. The average stay ranges from nine to twelve months. The Canyon Hills Center provides psychiatric, psychological services as well as independent living skills training, substance abuse services, and much more. The average stay ranges from nine to twelve months. Canyon Hills is constructing a garage (they refer to it as a shed) on the property. The vision is that this space will become a place where youth be trained to operate power tools and will develop basic construction and repair skills. You may have noticed a plea for help with this Habitat for Humanity style project. This week, they are sheeting the roof and applying weather-protective shrink wrap. They are seeking teams of 3 or 4 to donate a day of labor. When construction is finished, plans are to hold a “shed shower” and to ask people to donate tools they are no longer using – from saws to hammers to drills and bench presses.

I attended the Bear Butte Conference clergy meeting hosted by Woyatan ELCA in Rapid City. The worship service was balm for my weary soul. Woyatan's mission is to minister to the people who are generally unwelcome to attend a church. One of their missions is to serve those who are transitioning into their home communities after having served a prison sentence. This mission is committed to feeding the bodies, the hearts and the souls. It is a place where people are genuinely welcomed and whose serving hands are encouraged. There is not a sense of “charity” involved. ALL are WELCOMED to work together. And in the working together, they have stretched donations beyond remodeling doors and windows. They have carpeting and a dream that just keeps growing. Canyon Hills and Woyatan – places of vision, of dreams, and of concrete actions. May we follow their example and dedicate our lives to being God's hands.

Pastor Jean Helmer/SAM


Church Notes:

Vacation Bible School

A big thank you goes to everyone who helped with Vacation Bible School this year! We had a successful week with about 30 children attending. Thanks go to those who helped bring treats and/or food for the campers and counselors. A big thank you goes to the Board of Education for all of their hard work and planning for this: Tara Knapp, Vanesa Kudlock, and Mavis Ude. Also thanks go to the Kudlock's for housing the counselors during their stay in Belle Fourche.


Church Council Picnic

Before the next church council meeting on August 8, all council members and their families will have a potluck picnic beginning at 6 PM at the church. The picnic will be over in time for the council to meet at 7 PM.


Fall Retreat at Outlaw Ranch

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2 This year's Fall Retreat at Outlaw Ranch will be September 8 & 9 and will be hosted by St. James Lutheran with Our Saviors Lutheran in Spearfish in charge of the registration. As a special treat this year, Cari SkogbergEastman, daughter of John & Genevieve Skogberg, will be our presenter exploring the question “Who Is My Neighbor?” We will share conversations about God's call to love and serve the stranger among us. Cari is an independent researcher, writer, and educator living in Sioux Falls. She earned her BA in Secondary Education/English and Modern Foreign Languages from Augustana University in Sioux Falls, her MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain, and her Ph.D. in communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her research has focused largely on public reception and understanding of border and immigration issues, particularly those involving the US-Mexico border. Registration information, as well as information about our church's duties for the retreat, will be available at a later date.

Because our church is hosting this year's retreat, we would like to encourage as many women as possible to attend. Registration forms are available in the church office. Please register as soon as possible to get the facility and roommates you want. Fees are as follows: the lodge is $62.50; the barn is $59.50; and cabins are $53.00. The registration fee is $5.00, and the rest is due upon arrival. Our WELCA will reimburse you the amount it costs to stay in a cabin, but you will need to pay the extra amount to stay in the lodge or barn.




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